Unexpected Smart Investments in 2020

Modern day life has been dramatically altered as the lasting impacts of COVID-19 continue to sweep the world. Gatherings have new restrictions, challenges, and hurdles to consider before groups can celebrate various occasions. Schooling has morphed into a new realm of learning as students learn both online and in-person. Families are spending more time at home than ever imaginable. Here are three top personal investments individuals can consider for current and future times.

In the Details

Whether a wedding or a graduation party, funeral or a baby shower, all future events hold an unprecedented level of unknown details. Many couples have rearranged wedding days multiple times, awaiting venue and local guidelines to grant a green light to gather. Drive-by soirées have become the new norm in lieu of large bashes in some cities. One might consider a professional party planner, such as event planning Birmingham MI, to assist with detail management and quick shifts in planning. Professional event coordinators can help rethink and execute celebration changes should venue closures or health circumstances postpone long-awaited gatherings.  

Schooling Smarts

Learning looks extremely different these days for both parents and children. Families with students working 100% remotely for a portion of the school year might consider investing in a private tutor or small group leader to help coordinate daily student schedules and troubleshoot technological issues that may arise while parents work full time. Guardians can explore local online groups, chat rooms, and social media pages to find retired teachers or students looking to assist for a small fee.

Home Office Updates

For a positive return on investment, homeowners should consider making or updating a designated home office space. More buyers and sellers will continue to work from home, so adding a private, well-designed home working space will only add value to a house in the long run.         

The future is changing, but smart decisions and investments can help individuals thrive in the long run.