Is Your Wardrobe Ready for Summer?

Summer is coming. That means sun, dresses and sandals. As you start storing away your winter boots, gloves and other cold weather accessories, here are three things to keep in mind to make your closet summer-ready. 

Protect eyes

Sunglasses are both a fashion statement and a necessity. They not only protect your eyes and your vision from harmful UV rays, stylish ones like sophia dias collection chicago il can also help complete your outfit’s fashion statement. 

Sunglasses must be part of your closet both in the summer and the winter on those cold sunny days. Remember that UV rays can cause not only damage to your skin but also your eyes. They can cause cataracts, corneal sunburn, lead to macular degeneration and more. Proper sunglasses are a year-round necessity.

Organize piles 

They say spring cleaning for a reason. Spring is the best time to clean out your closet. That can mean throwing out things that you do not wear. Try things on to make sure they still fit and toss out ones that you have grown out of.

As you go through your closet, create three piles: donate, winter and summer. The items you never wear can go into the donation pile. The heavier and bulkier clothes are for the fall and winter pile. Your spring and summer clothes should then naturally end up in one pile. Once you have your summer and spring pile, you can choose how to organize those – it can be by color or by type. 

Laundry time

Once you have organized your piles, it is time for laundry. You want to wash your winter items before putting them away in storage because you do not want to store dirty clothes for months. You also want to wash your summer items because they have more than likely been sitting in storage for months, and you want clean clothes ready to be worn off the hanger. 

These are just three tips on how to make your closet ready for summer. Now when spring hits, you are not scampering for things to wear.