Ideas for a Quick Career Change

The dawning realization that you’re in a disagreeable dead-end job can leave you wondering what to do. While the answer may not be apparent, the pressing need for change is. Technical schools train students of all ages in a diverse range of fields, often on flexible schedules so they can continue to earn while they learn. Here are a few careers you could have in less time than you might guess.

Massage Therapy

Do you have a deft pair of hands and desire to help your fellow humans improve their health? These are the qualities needed to master the art of massage. Massages primarily assist clients to release tension, whatever its source. Massage school graduates work in diverse settings from hospitals and clinics to gyms and spas, or even big businesses.

The extent of mandatory training for masseurs varies widely from place to place. Atlanta massage therapy practitioners, for example, can obtain their Georgia massage license after 500 hours of classes, usually completed over 6-12 months.


Do you consider yourself an artist, and the human face a canvas? You could be a cosmetologist. Educational courses help cosmetologists hone their keen eye for human faces and razor-sharp fashion sense. Before beginning to work, beauticians must also learn to recognize and respect the danger of certain chemical compounds lurking in everyday beauty aids. Like massage, cosmetology calls for a license, the requirements for which differ between jurisdictions.

Culinary Arts

Are you known by friends and family for your kitchen wizardry? Have you been told you could make money with your recipes? Maybe you could. Cooking school can teach you the finer points of the chef’s craft and refine your natural talents. Those who conquer the core concepts of cookery can branch out in any direction they desire, whether perfecting a specific cuisine, innovating new fusions or pioneering on the frontiers of food science.

Nowadays, career retraining is no admission of defeat, but rather a chance for a rewarding new experience. Look into classes at your local vocational institute.