How to Style a Concho Belt

If you like rustic southwestern styles, you may find yourself attracted to traditional concho belts. With gleaming silver often paired with turquoise and leather, these belts offer people a taste of a unique culture. As attractive as the belts may be, however, you may not know how to wear one. This style is common in places like New Mexico and Arizona, but it is much less so in most other regions of the United States. Here are answers to some common concho styling questions.

What Is a Concho Belt?

Originating from the 1880s in New Mexico, the concho belt comes from Navajo silversmithing. The Navajo learned these skills from both eastern and southwestern influences. From the southwest, Hispanic artisans shared their silversmithing abilities. And from eastern colonial culture, Plains Indian craftsmen shared their knowledge of metalwork. Today, retailers in the southwest U.S. sell concho style belts.

What Can I Wear With a Concho Belt?

Solid colors are the way to go. Concho belts look great with neutral backgrounds like black, brown or white. When it comes to adding more color, they also look attractive on blue jeans and over bright red. These belts would not look particularly fashionable over contrasting patterns though. Depending on your personal taste, they can be appropriate for either casual or professional wear. 

How Do I Place a Concho Belt?

If you have never worn a concho belt before, you may be wondering how you should place it. There is a great answer to this question: You have options! When it comes to a concho belt, you can choose to wear it tightly, or if you prefer, let it hang a bit loose. Some people prefer to set the belt right at the waist while others prefer to wear it below the hip line.

Concho belts can make fun additions to any closet, but while buying them may be easy, knowing how to wear them may not. The good news is, there are many ways to wear these belts, so there are many styles you can try.