How To Match Flowers With a Vase

The vase you select for displaying your flowers can significantly impact the look of the blooms that go into it. Businesses specializing in floral arrangements Dallas TX, may recommend flowers that look best in these popular vases.

Bud Vase

Nothing shows off the beauty of a single stem as well as a bud vase. This versatile accessory is suitable for any space in your home and works well alone or clustered in groups. Bud vases are convenient and easy to use, making them foolproof in the hands of both amateur and professional flower arrangers.

Fishbowl Vase

A large number of flowers will look beautiful and luxurious in these vases that allow their blooms to fan out over the top. A fishbowl vase can accommodate most flower types, but it is best to cut stems short to keep them in an upright position. The low profile of these vases makes them ideal for floral centerpieces on a dining table

Pedestal Vase

When you want your floral arrangement to add a touch of glamour to your environment, a pedestal vase may be a perfect choice. The bowl is elevated onto a stand and allows flowers to flow over the sides of the vase dramatically. 

Cylinder Vase

The dramatic appearance of long-stemmed flowers like lazy susans, calla lilies and amaryllises is set off beautifully by the minimal shape of cylinder vases. These vases also have the perfect form to provide support along the entire length of the flower stems.

Ginger Jar Vase

The mouth of this traditional vase flares out to allow full blooms or curving stems of hydrangeas, tulips, chrysanthemums or carnations to flare out, while a narrow waist keeps stems from leaning. A wide bottom prevents the vase from tipping over.

If you love fresh flowers, you will enjoy them more if you display them in a vase that compliments their unique characteristics.