How to Dress for a New Professional Role

When you land a great new job or you’re hoping to win a big promotion, you have to dress for the part and project the right image. Here are four tips on what you can do to look professional and well put-together.

1. Get Tailored Suits

Getting suits that are sized just for you can dramatically improve how well you wear a suit. Even the most well-made designer suits won’t look great if they don’t fit you perfectly. If you’re shopping for tailored suits Greenville SC, go to a retailer who can help you pick out more than one suit that will be custom fit for you.

2. Get the Right Sized Belt

Wearing the wrong size belt is an all too common mistake that can really detract from an outfit’s appearance. Choose the right size belt for your body so you won’t struggle to close it or have extra length sticking out.

3. Update Your Bag

A bag that shows a lot of wear won’t look professional and may make you appear disorganized. A bag doesn’t have to be a super expensive designer label to make a good impression, but it does have to be in good condition. Get a bag that’s comfortable to carry and has adequate room to hold everything that you’ll need for a busy workday.

4. Wear Comfortable Shoes

Your shoes need to look smart and comfortable. When you have busy workdays that demand a lot of energy, you simply can’t wear shoes that hurt after just a couple of hours. If shoes don’t feel right, you won’t walk right, and you may appear noticeably uncomfortable. Make it a point to wear comfortable shoes in good condition so that you can get through a busy workday in comfort while looking competent and professional.