3 Things To Do in Rapid City

Rapid City is the second-largest community in South Dakota and the largest in the Black Hills. It is conveniently located near famous attractions, including Mount Rushmore and Custer State Park. However, there even more fun to be had apart from making the trek out to these locations or gathering around a dartboard Rapid City SD. There are lots of unique things to do in and around town.

1. Reptile Gardens

The aptly named Reptile Gardens is the largest reptile zoo in the world. However, it is not only reptiles that live there. There is also a collection of birds and native South Dakota species like prairie dogs. These lowly rodents are key to the survival of prairies and grasslands, and you can see these and many other wildlife species up close at Reptile Gardens. Several times a day, staff put on a show featuring a particular animal, including birds, snakes, and alligators. These alone are worth the price of admission.

2. Storybook Island

How To Be a Responsible Boat Owner

Owning a boat gives you the opportunity to enjoy time on the water. Boats provide a lot of entertainment and recreation but they are also a lot of work. If you want to be a responsible boat owner, here are three tips that will help you keep your vessel running smoothly.

Find Suitable Storage

If you don’t want your boat to be damaged by the elements, you need to find recreational boat storage Miramar Beach FL. Proper shelter will protect your vessel from storms and falling branches which could damage the integrity of your boat. If you don’t want to rent a storage spot for your boat, build a storage shed or erect a tin roof where you can keep the boat protected on your property.

Winterize the Boat

Unless you plan on fishing in the winter, you probably won’t spend much time on the water when cold weather hits. If you aren’t using your boat regularly, take steps to winterize the motor and protect it from cold weather. This ensures that the engine will be working properly when you pull this boat out again in the spring or summer.

Fix Mechanical Problems Immediately

It costs a lot of money to maintain a boat properly and repairs are often expensive. You may be tempted to ignore minor mechanical problems if your vessel is still running, but this will probably end up costing you more money in the long run. Minor problems can quickly become major and cost more money to fix than if you had resolved the issue as soon as you discovered it.

Boat ownership is a big responsibility. If you care for your vessel properly, you can keep it in good condition so you can enjoy it for many years. These three tips give you a good place to start.

How to Style a Concho Belt

If you like rustic southwestern styles, you may find yourself attracted to traditional concho belts. With gleaming silver often paired with turquoise and leather, these belts offer people a taste of a unique culture. As attractive as the belts may be, however, you may not know how to wear one. This style is common in places like New Mexico and Arizona, but it is much less so in most other regions of the United States. Here are answers to some common concho styling questions.

What Is a Concho Belt?

Originating from the 1880s in New Mexico, the concho belt comes from Navajo silversmithing. The Navajo learned these skills from both eastern and southwestern influences. From the southwest, Hispanic artisans shared their silversmithing abilities. And from eastern colonial culture, Plains Indian craftsmen shared their knowledge of metalwork. Today, retailers in the southwest U.S. sell concho style belts.

What Can I Wear With a Concho Belt?

Solid colors are the way to go. Concho belts look great with neutral backgrounds like black, brown or white. When it comes to adding more color, they also look attractive on blue jeans and over bright red. These belts would not look particularly fashionable over contrasting patterns though. Depending on your personal taste, they can be appropriate for either casual or professional wear. 

How Do I Place a Concho Belt?

If you have never worn a concho belt before, you may be wondering how you should place it. There is a great answer to this question: You have options! When it comes to a concho belt, you can choose to wear it tightly, or if you prefer, let it hang a bit loose. Some people prefer to set the belt right at the waist while others prefer to wear it below the hip line.

Concho belts can make fun additions to any closet, but while buying them may be easy, knowing how to wear them may not. The good news is, there are many ways to wear these belts, so there are many styles you can try. 

What You Need to Know About Handlooms

Many people who want to know more about loom machines take a weaving class. If large looms are not your thing, you can still learn about handlooms. These are still complex machines, but they are much easier to understand than larger looms. Here are some things you need to know about handlooms before using one. 

Simple Handlooms

Weaving is a process that makes textiles and apparel by interlacing threads. A loom is what holds the threads while you weave. The warp is the piece that runs parallel to the loom. The weft is the thread that gets woven through the warp threads. 

The simplest handlooms are just a board with pegs on each end. Using a needle, hook, or your fingers, the weft is woven through the warp. This is a long and tedious process, making most people opt for a larger loom. 

The Shuttle

If you are working on a handloom, you will likely notice that you have a lot of slack every time you weave the weft through the warp. If you leave the slack in place, you create a problem. Pulling it through by hand works for smaller projects. However, the larger the project, the more annoying this process gets. 

Therefore, most handlooms will come with a shuttle. It is a small spool that holds the weft and gets passed through the warp. Each time you pass through, you unspool just enough thread. You can add more than one shuttle if you are doing a colorful project. 

The Heddle

The shed is the space between the warp threads created every time you want to pass the shuttle through. The heddle is the piece that creates this space. It runs vertically above larger handlooms. Small loops hook on to each warp thread. These are attached to the heddle sticks, which move to create the appropriate shed. 

Handlooms are a great option for making woven projects. However, they come with many different parts, so it is important to know a bit about them before trying your first project. 

Guidelines for Finding the Perfect Barber Shop

You have to look good in order to feel good, so you want to take your time when choosing a barber shop. Only the freshest cut and smoothest shave can leave you feeling energized and ready to tackle life’s challenges. Although this all sounds great, it can be difficult determining whether a barber shop meets the highest standards. A haircut can make or break your day, and it can be frustrating when a barber shop underdelivers.

Are you unsure of how to pick the best Leesburg barber shop for you? Read on for a few tips to help you find a barber shop that delivers quality service.

Do They Make You Feel Welcome? 

A visit to the barber is about more than cutting hair. It’s an experience, and that starts the moment you walk through the door. Does a barber greet you and ask what you’re looking for? Are they friendly towards different customers, including the elderly and children? You should feel comfortable bringing your whole family to a barber shop.

Do They Know Their Stuff? 

What allows some of the best barbers to excel is lots of training and practice. Visit a shop’s website and see how long their team has been cutting hair. The longer a barber’s been around, the more customers and hairstyles they’ve worked with. With time comes the ability to adapt to requests, so make sure you find a barber that is comfortable working with all sorts of hair and guidelines.

Do They Go the Extra Mile?

Good barber shops cut hair well, but great barber shops actually take the time to get to know their customers. You know you’ve found an excellent barber when they slow down to talk to customers and listen to their requests. Local barber shops may even develop relationships with community organizations and members. A shop that wants to connect with you and the community is a reliable choice, so look out for these local gems. 

Pick a barber shop that offers crisp cuts and heartwarming smiles, and you’ll make your day that much brighter.