Ideas for a Quick Career Change

The dawning realization that you’re in a disagreeable dead-end job can leave you wondering what to do. While the answer may not be apparent, the pressing need for change is. Technical schools train students of all ages in a diverse range of fields, often on flexible schedules so they can continue to earn while they learn. Here are a few careers you could have in less time than you might guess.

Massage Therapy

Do you have a deft pair of hands and desire to help your fellow humans improve their health? These are the qualities needed to master the art of massage. Massages primarily assist clients to release tension, whatever its source. Massage school graduates work in diverse settings from hospitals and clinics to gyms and spas, or even big businesses.

The extent of mandatory training for masseurs varies widely from place to place. Atlanta massage therapy practitioners, for example, can obtain their Georgia massage license after 500 hours of classes, usually completed over 6-12 months.


Do you consider yourself an artist, and the human face a canvas? You could be a cosmetologist. Educational courses help cosmetologists hone their keen eye for human faces and razor-sharp fashion sense. Before beginning to work, beauticians must also learn to recognize and respect the danger of certain chemical compounds lurking in everyday beauty aids. Like massage, cosmetology calls for a license, the requirements for which differ between jurisdictions.

Culinary Arts

Are you known by friends and family for your kitchen wizardry? Have you been told you could make money with your recipes? Maybe you could. Cooking school can teach you the finer points of the chef’s craft and refine your natural talents. Those who conquer the core concepts of cookery can branch out in any direction they desire, whether perfecting a specific cuisine, innovating new fusions or pioneering on the frontiers of food science.

Nowadays, career retraining is no admission of defeat, but rather a chance for a rewarding new experience. Look into classes at your local vocational institute.

Finding the Perfect Design for Your Next Tattoo

For someone with a very specific taste or a true sense of design, you may be on a search to create a truly unique aesthetic for your next tattoo. If you are looking for a truly unique look for your tattoo, consider these factors and options that can help you find the perfect design.

Go Custom

Tattoos can venture far outside of those provided in the designer’s look books. For your next tattoo, consider finding a reputable tattoo artist who specializes in custom artwork Boonsboro MD that can help you find the unique and stunning look that you are hoping for. Whether you want to incorporate unique features, combine designs or come up with an entirely new aesthetic altogether, a custom artist can help you achieve your desired result.

Find Inspiration From Your History or Heritage

For those looking for something that has a lot of meaning, connecting your next tattoo to your history, family or heritage are beautiful ways to show respect and love for the past. Whether you have a family crest, names or a symbol that connects to your personal history, there are beautiful ways to display your past.

Decide on the Right Design

When you are deciding on your next tattoo, you may find others weighing in with their opinions. The reality is that this noise can distract from what you truly want. While you can certainly invite the opinions of others, keep in mind that you need to choose the tattoo design that is right for you and only you. If you find that others are getting in the way of you making your choice, you may want to politely decline their advice so that you can make the choice that is right for you.

 Tattoos are some of the most permanent forms of artistic expression out there. Considering that they adorn your body with their artistic etchings, you need to make the aesthetic and decision that best suits what you are hoping to achieve. Take your time as you look to make this decision and you will be sure to find the perfect look.

3 Essential Puppet Building Materials

Puppets are versatile creations. They can be either toys or tools, there are many different options for manipulating them, and puppets can be as simple or elaborate as you want them to be. However, certain materials are practically essential if you want a really professional-looking puppet.

1. Body Materials

One of the most fundamental decisions to make when building a puppet is whether you want the body to be hard or soft. For a soft-bodied puppet, most builders use foam rubber or a similar material. However, if you want a hard-bodied puppet, you can sculpt it out of a material such as plastic or wood.

2. Facial Materials

A puppet is like a little actor that sits on your hand, and the face can convey a lot of emotion. Faces can be simple or detailed, but most consist of two eyes and a mouth at baseline. Simple materials such as buttons or ping-pong balls work for eyes but should be focused to look at the audience. The mouth plate forms the upper and lower jaws of the puppet. A rigid mouth plate can be made of plywood or plastic. A flexible mouth plate can make the puppet more expressive and can be made of gasket rubber.

Additional features can give your puppet more personality. For example, colored ostrich feathers are popular for use as hair because the strands move so beautifully with the slightest movement or air current.

3. Skin Materials

You may opt not to give your puppet any skin if you like the look of the bare foam or whatever material you use for the body. If you do choose to give your puppet skin, the most popular material is fleece. Keep in mind that fleece is sturdier than foam, so if you make a foam puppet and cover it with fleece, the inside of the puppet may break down before the outside does.

Self-Defense Tips for Women

Many women are concerned about safety when out in public, and it is important that women know how to defend and take care of themselves if a situation ever arises. There are some common sense tactics as well as some more aggressive measures. For those needing a refresher on how to stay safe, consider these three tips.

Carry a Concealed Weapon

If you leave work in the dark in a bad part of town, it might not be a bad idea to have a weapon with you. You can purchase concealed carry holsters for women so that no one will suspect that you have one. While you hope you would never have to use it, it can give you some peace of mind to know that you are protected if you truly need to defend yourself.

Do Not Walk Alone at Night

One common sense approach is to avoid putting yourself in risky situations. When at all possible, do not walk by yourself at night. If you leave work or school after dark, walk out with a friend parked close to you. There is safety in numbers, and you should always make sure that you have each other’s backs.

Always Let Someone Know Where You Are

While you do not want to feel like you are a teenager checking in with your mom every thirty minutes, it is not a bad idea to let someone know where you will be if you are going on a date, to an event or going out for groceries later in the evening. In this way, someone will at least know your whereabouts if you are not able to contact him or her for help.

Being a woman in today’s world can be a scary thing, but when you have these tips on hand, you will be better prepared to defend yourself.

How to Dress for a New Professional Role

When you land a great new job or you’re hoping to win a big promotion, you have to dress for the part and project the right image. Here are four tips on what you can do to look professional and well put-together.

1. Get Tailored Suits

Getting suits that are sized just for you can dramatically improve how well you wear a suit. Even the most well-made designer suits won’t look great if they don’t fit you perfectly. If you’re shopping for tailored suits Greenville SC, go to a retailer who can help you pick out more than one suit that will be custom fit for you.

2. Get the Right Sized Belt

Wearing the wrong size belt is an all too common mistake that can really detract from an outfit’s appearance. Choose the right size belt for your body so you won’t struggle to close it or have extra length sticking out.

3. Update Your Bag

A bag that shows a lot of wear won’t look professional and may make you appear disorganized. A bag doesn’t have to be a super expensive designer label to make a good impression, but it does have to be in good condition. Get a bag that’s comfortable to carry and has adequate room to hold everything that you’ll need for a busy workday.

4. Wear Comfortable Shoes

Your shoes need to look smart and comfortable. When you have busy workdays that demand a lot of energy, you simply can’t wear shoes that hurt after just a couple of hours. If shoes don’t feel right, you won’t walk right, and you may appear noticeably uncomfortable. Make it a point to wear comfortable shoes in good condition so that you can get through a busy workday in comfort while looking competent and professional.