4 Budget-Friendly Home Decor Updates

Your space can affect your mood. If your interior has become more enervating than inspiring, it’s time to change things up. Updating your space can become an expensive and time-consuming venture. However, you can improve your interior without purchasing new furniture or replacing the floors. These four budget-friendly tips will help you spruce up your home in no time.

1. Create a Gallery Wall

Curate a dramatic backdrop for your room by arranging wall art Manhattan. Pull together your favorite photos and prints and frame them. Then, hang them in a collage.

To create an eclectic vibe, use images of different sizes and color schemes or mix up your picture frame styles. Achieve a uniform look by choosing art with similar colors and using matching frames. Before you start hammering nails into your wall and hanging your artwork, plan the layout for your gallery wall.

2. Accessorize With Accent Pillows

Purchasing new accent pillows can give your room an entirely different look. Play with a neutral palette by choosing pillows of the same color but different textures. If you want to experiment with combining prints, choose pillows with different designs but coordinating colors.

3. Add Greenery

Greenery adds life to your space. Place a large potted fern by your sofa, display eucalyptus fronds in vases on your mantel, or hang a pot of English ivy from the ceiling. House plants do more than look chic; they also clean the air inside your home.

4. Rearrange Your Room

Rearrange your furniture to transform your space. This update to your room costs nothing. If you miss your old configuration after a few weeks, you can always switch things back to the way they were.

With a little time and some imagination, you can reinvigorate your interior on a budget. Your house will feel like home again.