Top Dry Cleaning Tips

If you own clothes, then you know the frustration of when you spill something on your favorite shirt or pants during a meal. Most of us try washing the articles at home and are sorely disappointed when the stains don’t come out. Before you throw those articles of clothing away, here are a few tips you can follow when considering dry cleaning.

Take Care of Stains Correctly

Dry cleaners use safe and powerful chemicals in order to clean articles of clothing that are very delicate, or that have tough stains. Dry cleaners are also able to clean clothes quickly through the use of a dry cleaning conveyor to speed up the overall process. When it comes to dry cleaning, there are a few things that you as the consumer can do to increase the chances of stains coming out. For example, blotting stains instead of trying to rub them out give dry cleaners an advantage when performing the dry cleaning process to get the stains removed. If you rub the stain into the material, it can make it much harder, or even impossible for the dry cleaners to get the stains out.

Keep Clothes and Stains Away From Heat

Keeping your clothing indoors instead of drying them outdoors is also helpful as it reduces exposure to UV light. UV light is extremely damaging to fine fabrics and can make dry cleaning less effective. Also, not using an iron on stained or soiled clothes is also important as you don’t want to essentially bake the stains into the fabric. Doing this can make it very difficult to get the stains removed during dry cleaning.

As you can see, dry cleaning is an effective way to get stains out of fine fabrics and cloths. By following these tips, you can help increase the dry cleaner’s chances of success of getting the stains out and getting your garments looking as good as new.