Self-Defense Tips for Women

Many women are concerned about safety when out in public, and it is important that women know how to defend and take care of themselves if a situation ever arises. There are some common sense tactics as well as some more aggressive measures. For those needing a refresher on how to stay safe, consider these three tips.

Carry a Concealed Weapon

If you leave work in the dark in a bad part of town, it might not be a bad idea to have a weapon with you. You can purchase concealed carry holsters for women so that no one will suspect that you have one. While you hope you would never have to use it, it can give you some peace of mind to know that you are protected if you truly need to defend yourself.

Do Not Walk Alone at Night

One common sense approach is to avoid putting yourself in risky situations. When at all possible, do not walk by yourself at night. If you leave work or school after dark, walk out with a friend parked close to you. There is safety in numbers, and you should always make sure that you have each other’s backs.

Always Let Someone Know Where You Are

While you do not want to feel like you are a teenager checking in with your mom every thirty minutes, it is not a bad idea to let someone know where you will be if you are going on a date, to an event or going out for groceries later in the evening. In this way, someone will at least know your whereabouts if you are not able to contact him or her for help.

Being a woman in today’s world can be a scary thing, but when you have these tips on hand, you will be better prepared to defend yourself.