5 Ways To Better Your Community

A community can be many different things: a town, a club or team, a school, a workplace and more. Part of belonging to these groups is the desire to improve them and leave a lasting impact. Here are five ways that you can better your community.


Acts of kindness, small or large, go a long way in improving a community. Writing encouraging notes for peers, paying for someone’s groceries or even just holding the door open for others are all great ways to boost morale and spread kindness. Larger acts, such as volunteering with local charities, will also make a big difference.


They say that happiness is contagious. Being a positive voice in your community will encourage others to be positive as well. You can do this by complimenting others, sharing encouraging thoughts and smiling at people as you walk by.


Communities thrive when their members are involved. Participating in events, attending meetings and volunteering all increase the overall health of a community. This will also allow you to meet more people so you can make new friends and network.


Charitable donations in the form of money or time are great for the betterment of your community. The possibilities of giving and its benefits are endless. You may volunteer to pick up trash or plant trees, donate money to help build or restore a public space and much more.


Communities almost always need more leaders. You could volunteer to be the head of a committee, the captain of a team, the president of a club or even run for public office. Leadership roles allow you to have a voice in your community and implement change.

Kindness, positivity, involvement, giving and leadership are all ways to make a positive impact and contribute to the betterment of your community.